Software Features
ComicSuite: Retailing Made Easy

ComicSuite is both versatile and easy-to-use and is designed to integrate seamlessly with RMH. Created with comic book specialty market retailers in mind, ComicSuite provides all of the following features for retail store operations:

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  • Orders
    Create Initial Orders & Reorders
    Create PREVIEWS Plus Orders
    Create Special Orders
    Final Order Cut-Off Processing

  • Reports
    Cycle Sheet Reports
    Receiving Efficiency
    Receiving Reports
  • Account Services
    Pull-and-Hold Services
    Special Orders
    Customer Preferences

  • Import Items
    Import Monthly Order Forms
    Import Star & Single Items
    Import Publisher Names
    Data Searches

  • Receiving
    Import Invoice Data into Inventory
    Receive Initial, PREVIEWS Plus & Star System Orders
    Receive Unmatched Items
    Send Shortage/Damage Report

  • Utilities
    Fully Customizable Setup
    Discount Data Maintenance
    Change Initial Order Status
    Void Posted Subscriptions, Special Orders
    Bulk and Subscription Email Creation