A Few Facts

To help educate customers about ComicSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), Diamond provides this handy checklist of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q: When will the POS system be available for purchase?

A: Roll out is currently underway. If you would like to purchase Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and ComicSuite, please email techposhlepdesk@diamondcomics.com

Q: Is the retailer required to purchase a full hardware package from us?

A: Not at all. Retailers may mix and match which pieces of hardware they purchase from us, ordering as much or as little as they may need. We have full hardware and software packages for those who would like them.

Q: No credit card swipe hardware is included in the pricing plans. Will this equipment be available through Diamond?

A: Retailers will be able to continue using any credit processing hardware that they currently have. A mag stripe reader device is included in both hardware packages to process the card data into RMS, but actual processing must be cleared and approved with the credit card company the Retailer uses.

Q: How will customers receive their POS system and will they have to pay for the shipping?

A: If a retailer is purchasing a hardware bundle, the system will be preinstalled with the software and the system will be sent out via UPS. From the time the retailer’s  order is submitted to hardware delivery is about 12 business days. Retailers will be responsible for shipping charges and that will be billed in arrears.

Q: Can any computer run the POS software?

A: As long as the computer meets the following system requirements for Microsoft RMS, ComicSuite will work as well.You can read the system requirements for RMS here:

Q: Does the database of items kept by RMS update itself automatically?

A: No. Importing this data is very easy and can be done in bulk from the STAR System, current Order Form or their invoice with the click of a button.

Q: Will ComicSuite automatically make adjustments to inventory and purchase orders based on the account’s weekly order status report?

A: No. Retailers will have to manually remove cancelled items from their purchase orders in RMS.

Q: Can Diamond download any sales or customer data from an account’s POS system?

A: No. We do not now or ever plan to include anything in ComicSuite that would allow us to pull a retailer’s private records from their POS system without their consent.

Q: Can the managerial functions of the POS system be accessed remotely (from a location other than where the system is set up)?

A: Yes. Though RMS does not have this as a built in capability, you can access the RMS databases from a remote connection as long as you have a way to connect to the network on which the POS software is installed.

Q: What is RMS Headquarters?

A: RMS HQ is a separate piece of software that allows central management and control to be performed for multiple stores within the same company that wish to use RMS. It is possible for multi-store chains to use RMS without HQ. Currently, ComicSuite is not compatible with RMS HQ.

Q: Is RMS HQ needed if multiple registers are being set up in a single location?

A: No. RMS HQ is only needed for multiple locations. However, retailers will have to purchase an additional copy of RMS and ComicSuite for each new register they want to set up in store.

Q: Is a second software license needed if I want to use the manager part of RMS on a different computer than the one acting as my register?

A: No. A retailer can run the POS portion on one computer and the Manager/Administrator programs on a separate machine as long as they are networked together. Only the POS (sales transaction) screen can be run in one location only in store on one license.

Q: Can ComicSuite or RMS use data I already have in my existing POS?

A: Yes. If converting from a POS system like Comtrac, there are already functions built in to convert those databases over to RMS format. Other POS and databases can be looked at for conversion, and based on complexity and field matching, can be accomplished for a small fee.

Q: Can I use ComicSuite without RMS?

A: No. ComicSuite is designed to be an add-on program for RMS, and is not a stand alone program.

Q: How long does it take to get ComicSuite/RMS up and running?

A: This varies by retailer. Retailers are able to get the system “live” in store with time and patience with the training materials and adapting processes in their stores to include POS.Our motto is “You get out of it what you put into it,” meaning that with time spent and hard work, it can be live in store in as little as three weeks.

Q: Does Diamond offer extended payment options?

A: Yes. Currently, Diamond offers 18 months, 0% financing with 10% of the purchase price paid as a down payment. Retailers who choose to pay in full currently get 5% off of their purchase price.*

* 18 Month Extended Payment Plan: With proper credit approval, Diamond customers can elect to put 10% down and take 18 months to pay off the balance, interest free!

As you can see, ComicSuite – in conjunction with Microsoft’s RMS and the correct hardware bundle – is designed to make the lives of specialty market retailers easier.

For more information please contact Diamond’s POS Specialists
or your regular Retailer Services Representative.

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