Before You Buy
Tips on Readying Your Store for A New POS System and ComicSuite
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Thinking about purchasing ComicSuite and a new point-of-sale (POS) system? Here's a handy guide to help you take the next step in setting up a system for your store's retail operations. 

STAGE 1: What to Do Before You Buy

• Locate the area of the store where your register system will be placed. You must have adequate counter space available (contact our POS Support Specialists for system dimensions). Is your register area sturdy? Will it accommodate room for your customers’ transactions and the register itself? Is it strong and reinforced? Glass surfaces are not recommended, as the weight of the hardware may result in breakage.

• Choose a location that is dust/dirt-free and away from major electrical appliances – such as theft prevention systems and refrigerators – that may generate a magnetic field, and damage your computer’s hard drive.

• Look around your store for stale stock or merchandise that you no longer carry. Consider putting these items on sale to move them out before performing a complete inventory of your stock.

Power must be supplied at the checkout with proper surge protection. Determine if you have proper electrical power in the area for your POS equipment. Please consult an electrician to install this for you in the register area. Mark your outlets “Computer Use Only.” Additionally, for under the counter wiring, the countertop must have a grommet hole at least 2” in diameter drilled into it, which your electrician should be able to put in for you.

You must have high-speed Internet access with connection at the checkout. Confirm that you have the proper Internet connection in your register area. You will need a reliable Internet connection installed at the register area in order for components of RMS and ComicSuite to function properly. For support purposes, the system must have an Internet connection to provide remote access for technical support staff.

Do you have the proper equipment for RMH to use? Consult the system requirements to check your existing hardware for compatibility.

Contact Diamond for information in installation calendar openings and information on all programs available, and get your customized quote. 

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STAGE 2: Before Scheduling an Installation Date

• It will take up to five business days to process your application. After approval, allow up to 10 business days for delivery of your new POS system

Consider any security issues you may need to address, such as employees' register “rights” or permissions and establish firm parameters for what functions they will and will not be permitted to do at the register during a transaction.

Check with state, county and local regulations regarding what must be included at your register areas and on your store receipts. Some areas require customer price displays (such as a pole display), and many venues require taxes to be clearly separated on register receipts.

Every installation is different, and some are more complex than others. Diamond’s POS Specialists will help you with any RMS or ComicSuite purchase questions. 

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STAGE 3: Product Delivery

  • Someone must be present at the time of delivery – UPS requires a signature to deliver your POS system.

  • Confirm all hardware components are delivery according the invoice.  Please contact you POS specialist if there are any missing items. 


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STAGE 4: Post-Installation & Training

• Once your system is installed, contact a POS Specialist by phone or by email to schedule a training time.

Visit ComicSuite.com or the ComicSuite forum  to view interactive tutorials of commonly used features.

• Consider giving yourself 1-2 weeks of getting used to your POS system before switching to it full time. This will allow you to get used to the functions of RMH and ComicSuite before opening the doors on a busy Wednesday.

Things happen that interrupt the ability to use your register and record your inventory. Being prepared is crucial. If you suddenly lose power, telephone or Internet, have an established plan in place that you have practiced that will allow you to conduct business. Keep manual credit card supplies and inventory tracking sheets near the register in case of power loss. Keep your cash drawer keys handy so you and your staff will be able to open the drawer for manual transactions. 

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STAGE 5: Counting Inventory

Determine if this can be accomplished by you or if you need a counting service such as RGIS Inventory Service, WIS International in Canada or AICS (www.aicscompanies.com). If counted by you, be certain to contact a Diamond POS Specialist for the correct data format.

• Contact Diamond’s POS Specialists for information on transferring your inventory data into your RMS system for you (fees may apply).

Once counted, every item you sell or bring into the store must be carefully recorded until you’ve entered it into your POS system.

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What Is Not Included

• Data migration of your inventory into RMH or Diamond’s ComicSuite.
• Setting-up a network connection between existing back office PC and your new POS system.

Additional Information and Resources

• Additional training tools will be available on your computer desktop and ComicSuite forum as reference materials.

• For customer support, contact a POS Specialist by phone or by email, techposhelpdesk@diamondcomics.com 

Are you ready? If, after evaluating and double-checking all of the above, you determine that you’re prepared to take the POS plunge, contact Diamond about your options regarding RMH, ComicSuite and hardware/software bundles!