Price Plans & Options

Diamond offers a variety of options so you can get into a new POS system today. We also offer extended financing options to help spread your payments over your weekly invoicing.

* All prices effective March, 2015. Prices listed are in US dollars; prices in Canada and elsewhere may be higher. Call for prices in areas outside the US.


The best just got better with this fully integrated, high-speed point-of-sale (POS) system hardware package, which includes an upgraded All-in-One PC (HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800) with built-in Touch Screen Monitor, Magstripe credit card reader, and Pole Display; Cash Drawer; Receipt Printer; Handheld Scanner with Stand; Roll of Paper; and Cables. A smaller overall profile makes this easy on countertop “real estate,” and its added speed makes every aspect of using your POS system faster. 

Storeowners save 5% off the price of buying each piece separately!

Providing everything a specialty market retailer needs in a point-of-sale (POS) system, this bundle of computer components comes with an Upgraded PC and a separate Touch Screen Monitor, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Handheld Scanner with Stand, Pole Display, Roll of Paper, Cables, and a Magstripe credit card reader. 

Storeowners save 5% off the price of buying each piece separately!

Offering the best of both worlds, this bundle includes a Windows 8-based tablet and wireless printer for total portability, along with a dock that allows it to function as a register at your sales counter. This Portable bundle includes the HP Elite Pad US with battery, a sleeve for the tablet that includes an additional battery, bar-code scanner and mag-stripe credit card reader, a Retail Expansion Dock allowing for connection to more peripherals, and an Epson Bluetooth receipt printer. 

Bundle price is a big savings over buying individually!



Bottom Line: A point-of-sale system is now an affordable option for any comic book specialty market retailer!

  Premium Advanced Portable
Hardware Bundle (5% Savings!)  
RMS Single Store POS Software
RMS Annual Maintenance
Software Installation Charge
Total Package Price* $5385.00 $4550.00 $3995.00
10% down payment $538.50 $455.00 $399.5
Weekly Cost (78-week payment plan) $62.13 $52.50 $46.09



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Active ComicsPRO members can save an additional $75.00 off the total purchase price on Hardware + Software packages.


The following software choices allow Diamond’s customers to customize their point-of-sale systems to meet each store’s unique needs, no matter its size or set-up.

Microsoft RMS Single Store Operations (POS)


Microsoft RMS Annual Maintenance Plan


ComicSuite Single Store Add-On Module by Diamond (Data Subscription included)


ComicSuite Annual License Fee (Data Subscription included, starts second year)


ComicSuite Data Subscription Plan



The first 90 days of Technical Support for ComicSuite is free. Additionally, Diamond offers multiple, affordable technical service and support options. 

90 Days Initial Training & Support


Technical Support (per Hour)


Support Plan A (One Year Unlimited Support Calls)


Support Plan B (5-Hour Contract)


After-Hours/Holiday Surcharge (per Call)


Custom Data Conversion Charge - Per Hour $100.00

Custom Software Install Charge*

Contact Diamond Technical Support for Quote

* Retailers with existing RMS or other POS systems may elect this option.

Prices listed are in US dollars; prices in Canada and elsewhere may be higher. Call for prices outside the US. Price quoted are plus freight. Prices and hardware subject to change based on availability. Images shown are representative of hardware components available. Actual hardware may vary.